Granulator knives


Grinding knives
Picture of Dipre rotor knife 75x58x8
Picture of Dipre rotor knife 102x78x10
Picture of Zerma Counter knife 588x95x18
Picture of Tria granulator knife 493x75x22
Picture of Tria counter knife 498x77x22
Picture of Zerma Counter knife 578x80x30
Picture of Rotor knife Herbold 270x100x22
Picture of Counter knife Herbold 296x100x22
Picture of Rotor knife Zerma 310x100x22
Picture of Dipre stator knife 88x29x14,5
Picture of Tria 90 Rotor knife 317x58x10
Picture of Tria Granulator knife 343x70x14
Picture of Dipre stator knife left 149x45x18/12
Picture of Tria rotor knife 538x85x22
Picture of Herbold Rotor knife 485x100x22
Picture of Zerma Rotor knife 35,5x27,6x16,9
Picture of Pallman rotor knife 250x122x12
Picture of Pallman counter knife 250x80x15
Picture of Knife Erema 46x24x0,9

Granulator knives

Granulator knives are suitable for processing wood, plastic, a variety of waste are made of the following materials 1.2379 / K110, 1.2345, 1.3343. Knives are suitable for manufaturers: Zerma, Dipre, Zeno, Weiss, Tria, Herbold, Condux, Wanner, Pallmann, Erema, Rapid. In a table of articles you can see all tehnical informations, technical sketchs and 3D photos.

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